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Particular plate-Mini series

MontKailash Quick-release plate PC5Ds for Canon
Brief Introduction: 品牌:kangrinpoche/冈仁波齐 型号:PC5Ds-Mini 冈仁波齐第二代快装板 Mini系列 MontKailash PC5Ds-Mini PC5Ds-Mini 快装板是为Canon 佳能 5DMark III/5Ds/5DsR 相机而设计的超薄快装板。板面设计有机底定位钉,配合机底螺丝,使快装板安装后与
Product Detailed
MontKailash PC5Ds-Mini(silver)  

PC5Ds-Mini Quick Release Plate is designed for Canon 5DMark III/5Ds/5DsR camera body.Position nail which is designed for specific camera body to increase the stability.

MontKailash Mini plate,its size and weight is only 50% of original standard size.At the same bearing capacity,it can lower the weight to fit the equipment more closely.

All surfaces of MontKailash quick release plates are covered cork rubber. The cork rubber has moderate hardness, which combines with the characteristics of cork and soft to provide excellent shock absorption and strong static friction. It has long life and acid-alkali resistance.